Move to the Music

Boogie into the library and get ready to move and groove with your little one! We will dance, play with shakers, ice skate and more!

This engaging program is packed with music, dancing, swaying, running, and jumping that help young children feel the rhythm and begin to understand how their bodies work. Such movements also help them gain muscle control and improve balance.  All this contributes to a child's gross motor development. 


March 9 10:30a
March 10 10:30a
. .
March 16 10:30a
March 17 10:30a
. .
March 23 10:30a
March 24 10:30a
. .
March 30 10:30a
March 31 10:30a
April 6 10:30a
April 7 10:30a
April 13 No Session
April 14 No Session
April 20 10:30a
April 21 10:30a
April 27 10:30a
April 28 10:30a